- The world's simplest monitoring service.

~$# start monitoring your server with a single curl command.

~$curl ping.gl/me@example.org/

[ ok ] Ping alert created for host '' and email 'me@example.org'. Check your email to activate it.


~$# activate the first and the next ones are activated automatically.

~$curl ping.gl/me@example.org/example.org

[ ok ] Ping alert created for host 'example.org' and email 'me@example.org'.


~$# create HTTP or HTTPS status checks specifying a full URL instead of a host.

~$curl ping.gl/me@example.org/https://example.org

[ ok ] HTTP alert created for URL 'https://example.org' and email 'me@example.org'.


How does it work?
After you provide a hostname or IP and your email address, you'll be sent an email with 3 generated URLs that you can to click to start, stop and delete your tracking. Every time you server goes down or back online you will receive a notification, which will also include the control URLs. There is currently a limit of 5 down notifications within 24h. BTW, check your spam folder... you know the drill.

Wasn't this called ping.gg?
Yes it was, but that domain turned out to be too cool to be wasted on a side project. Now is ping.gl, you need to remember one new letter.

How does website monitoring work?
HTTP status check support is still experimental. To learn more about the details check the announcement.

How frequently do you check my server?
Your server will be constantly pinged, just like it would if you run the ping command yourself. With an interval of 10 seconds.

When is my server considered down?
When your sever fails to answer 6 pings in a row, the system will trigger a double check from a second geographical location 30 seconds later. If that fails too, you will be immediately notified. The system will notify you again only once your server comes back online. To be considered up your system must reply successfully to 6 pings in a row.

How many host can I monitor?
There is currently a limit of 10 ping alerts for a given email address or a given host.

How reliable is this service?
As of today this is nothing more than a pet project. There is no SLA of any kind and all I can promise is to try not to flood your inbox with false positives. So while I hope it will be somewhat reliable, for critical purposes I recommend using professional services like pingdom, uptrends, panopta, etc.

What are the terms of use?

As previously stated, this is not a professional service (not now at least) so by using this service you agree to the following:

  1. You use this service at your own risk.
  2. There is no warranty that the service will work properly or at all.
  3. Your alerts might be terminated without notice.
  4. The service can stop operating anytime without notice.
I will, however, do my best to notify you if your account or the whole service gets shut down.

But can I trust you with my email?
Absolutely! I pinky promise to never give your email address to anyone, and you'll never receive any emails which are not relevant to you and your alerts. You are definitively not signing up for any newsletter.

Is it open source?
Yes, the core of the system is. If you are into Golang check it out on Github

Do you support IPv6?
Currently the software does but the servers don't. So it will tell you that the host is down. This situation might change in the near future.

Need to contact me? try with hi@this domain